Board Members

Dr. Craig Childress, Psy.D. | Board Member – Chair

Dr. Childress is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice specializing in child and family therapy. Prior to entering private practice, Dr. Childress served as the Clinical Director for a children’s assessment and treatment center, primarily working with children in foster care. Additionally, he served as a pediatric psychologist at Children’s Hospital of Orange County. His primary specialty areas of practice are early childhood neurodevelopment and mental health, ADHD, parent-child conflict, and children and families in high-conflict divorce.

Dr. Carlene O. Fider, Ph. D., CFLE, MFT-Intern | Board Member – Secretary

Dr. Fider is a family-life and human development educator and international speaker. She has lead workshops and seminars in the United States, the Caribbean, and the continent of Africa. Dr. Fider holds a Master’s of Science degree in Marital and Family Therapy, as well as a doctorate of Philosophy in Family Studies. With her clinical and research background she services, mentors, and facilitates growth in students completing degrees in Human Development, Counseling, Marital and Family Therapy, and Family Studies.

Nakisha Castillo, DMFT, MFT-Intern | Board Member – Treasurer

Dr. Castillo currently works as a clinical therapist with the severely mentally ill and homeless population. She holds a doctorate of Marital and Family Therapy at Loma Linda University, where she also enacts as an adjunct professor. Dr. Castillo has had a broad spectrum of experience in the mental health field, working with children, families, and adults. Her previous experience includes program administration for a motivational program for foster children and youth in Riverside County.

Dimietri R. Hollimon, MFT-Intern | Board Member

Ms. Hollimon currently works as a private practice Marriage and Family Therapist. She is passionate about making sure her clients are aware that they are not the disorder, but simply have symptoms of the disorder. Her prior therapeutic practitioner work experience includes services conducted at the Blaine Street Adult Clinic for the Riverside County Department of Mental Health, as well as the Tri City Mental Health Center in Pomona, CA. She holds a Master’s Degree from Loma Linda University in Marital and Family Therapy, and is also certified in Cognitive Enhancement Therapy.