Wraparound Approach Services

Wraparound Approach Services

The Wraparound model is a home-based permanency support service that serves children and their caregivers by providing a family-centered, strength-based planning approach to help children remain in their home environment. Wraparound services facilitate the family’s movement from dependence on county-based systems of care to natural supports. Service goals are centered on building on each family’s unique, individualized needs in order to allow their children to gain safety, stability, and permanency in their home and community.

Wrap FAQ

Q1: How do I get my family into Wraparound?

All families connected with the Wrap program are either on formal 602 Probation or have an open case with Los Angeles County DCFS. All Wraparound referrals are generated by the County Social Worker or Probation Officer. Feel free to contact us directly to see if your family qualifies.

Q2 :How long does my family remain in the Wraparound program?

Depending on the goals set by the family and the team, the duration is flexible and can average anywhere from 6–18 months.

Q3: Who would be on my Wrap team?

Members of the team include a Parent Partner who directly supports the parent/caregiver; a Child & Family Specialist who advocates for the youth; and a Facilitator who coordinates meetings and oversees the team-driven process. Depending on family needs, additional team members may include a Therapist and a TBS Coach.