Wraparound Advisory Council Meeting at Mulligans in Torrance

On Friday, September 11th, the Wraparound Advisory Council, which is a quarterly activity provided to clients and their families by Bayfront Youth and Family Services met at Mulligans in Torrance.  The Wraparound  Advisory Council is a way to create a fun and safe space for clients and their families to share their experiences since joining Wraparound.

Bayfront Staff also assisted in distributing pizza and drinks to attendees. After the check in with the clients was done, clients and family members signed in and were given wristbands and a game card to play.  While there, clients and their families enjoyed food and activities such as rock climbing, laser tag, miniature golfing, and more.

Before breaking to enjoy these many activities, the clients and family members took time to engage in an open forum about their experiences in Wraparound.  Clients shared what they enjoyed about being enrolled in Wraparound such as feeling supported, having extra assistance to accomplish goals, and extracurricular activities such as having meetings at Starbucks and receiving rewards to encourage them to accomplish their goals.  Clients were also able to use this time to share how they feel Wraparound could be improved.

During Wrap Advisory Council, clients are able to engage with others in similar situations and receive additional support from peers in their age group.

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