Life Enrichment

Bayfront is dedicated to treating the whole person. Service goals are built around improving coping and self-healing skills, as well as improving home-life and educational/vocational engagement. Programming is strength-based and guided by the youth and families “voice” and individualized needs. If identified youth and caregiver needs are not able to be facilitated through Bayfront programming, community supports will be identified and clients will be directly guided in accessing those services to meet their needs.

Advocacy & Stigma Reduction

Bayfront is dedicated to advocating on behalf of the youth and families we serve. By reducing the stigma associated with mental health we are able to fight prejudice and judgments made on the character, capability, and circumstance of the children and families we serve. We do this by speaking to community-based persons and groups on issues of mental health, foster care, juvenile justice and all other related topics; we also solicit direct engagement through volunteerism and mentorship.

Programs & Services