Wraparound Approach Services

Intensive Field Capable Clinic Services-IFCCS

The goal of IFCCS is to provide coordinated child and family team approach to service delivery by engaging and assessing children and their families’ strengths and underlying needs to minimize psychiatric hospitalizations, placement disruptions, out-of-home placements and involvement with the juvenile justice system.

Services Provided

  • Bio psychological assessment
  • Individual and family treatment
  • Medication support
  • 24/7 mental health crisis intervention
  • Community Outreach Services
  • Client Supportive Services
  • Specialized assessment and treatment interventions for co-occurring  disorders

Service Components 

  • IFCCS providers services in the clients’ home or school.
  • Care Coordinator-leads the team to ensure services are provided for the family. Schedules & coordinates meetings with team and client
  • Clinician-provides therapeutic mental health services.
  • Rehabilitative Specialist- Works 1:1 with clients to reduce behavioral challenges
  • Parent Partner- Works with caregiver to identify resources and implement parenting strategies