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Thank you for your interest in donating to Bayfront Youth & Family Services! Bayfront Youth & Family Services is dedicated to helping to better the lives of those in need. Our unique and specialized program provides intensive treatment, therapy, and support to the troubled youth and their families. Bayfront Youth & Family Services has been and continues to be a model program statewide.

Together, with your assistance we can continue to make a difference. Your financial support is valued and important to further our mission to make lifelong changes in the lives of children and families, so please donate today.

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Seasonal Gift Drives

Our federal program dollars can only go so far in giving us enough resources to meet the many and varied needs of the children and families in our programs. The saying is true, it takes a village. Help give our children and families a sense of normalcy by participating in in-kind giving drives of food, gifts, or programmatic support supplies conducted throughout the year. Click here for more details.

Corporate Involvement

Sponsorship offers an opportunity to corporations and small businesses to partner in promoting our mission. Help bring awareness of the many and varied needs of foster care children in our community. There are many ways to get involved, only limited by your imagination. We offer tiered levels of recognition. Please see our attached Sponsorship Form for more details.

Planned Giving

By making Bayfront Youth & Family Services a part of your estate plan you would be helping to secure services that will change the life paths of future generations of children and adolescents who struggle to recover from early childhood trauma. Not only will you be the rock of support, you may be eligible for the associated state and/or federal income tax, capital gains, estate and gift benefits. Call us for details.

For more information on donating to Bayfront Youth & Family Services please call 562-595-8111 or email

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With hundreds of non-profits to choose from, we are so grateful to have made a big enough impact on our community to deserve your contribution.