Councilman Dee Andrews’ Visit to Bayfront’s Residential Facility

With the ongoing effort of garnering community feedback for Bayfront Youth & Family Services, Long Beach 6th District City Councilman Dee Andrews paid a visit to the residential facility on Fountain Avenue. Andrews, a former Long Beach Poly athletic star and local dignitary, came to the facility to meet with many of the Bayfront staff and directors to share his experience and knowledge on working with young people in the Long beach community.

Accompanied by Bayfront Youth & Family Services CEO Maryam Ribadu, Councilman Andrews was given a tour of the facility and sat down to speak with staff about the challenges they face in providing care to a needy portion of society’s youth.  The staff took great care in showing Andrews the full facility, including client rooms, play yard grounds, cafeteria, and the rehabilitation buildings.

Much to his appreciation, Councilman Andrews inspired the Bayfront Staff with a rousing pep talk about his support and gratitude for Bayfront, and all that is has done and is doing to provide a high level of service at the residential facility.


“There is nothing that is as important as what is going on right here. You guys are the caretakers and caregivers of these individuals,” Andrews stated, referring to the clients staying at the facility.

IMG_6609With his infectious smile and charm, Andrews and staff pose for a final photo outside of the facility and gives many words of wisdom about the future care of the youth by Bayfront and the importance of their actions. His personal support of the continued efforts to assist troubled youth in Long Beach has given Bayfront a very firm base to stand on.

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